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Settings menu

The Settings menu provides access to windows that help to configure QuickShow to suit your projector and to setup targeted beam positions. Other settings menus allow access to more advanced features and options. You can see the menu below, along with text highlighting the most important two menu items.

Quick Setup

Choosing this menu will display the Quick Setup dialog box, which allows you to quickly specify the type of user interface you want, and also allows you to specify some of the most basic projector parameters.

Projector Settings

The most important item in this menu is Projector Settings. This accesses the Projector Settings window, which will help to configure QuickShow for your type of projector. Available settings include size, position, scan rate, color shift, number of colors and color levels.

Targeted Beam Settings

If you will be targeting mirrors, mirror balls or diffraction gratings, another important item in this menu is QuickTargets Beam Settings. This accesses a window that allows you to setup the target beam positions from your scanners. For example, you can make it so that your scanners will target mirrors, mirror balls or diffraction grating effects.

If you wont be targeting mirrors, mirror balls or diffraction gratings, or if your primary interest is in doing graphics, you can safely ignore this part of the program.

Projection Zones

Another important item in this menu is Projection Zones. This allows you to perform Geometric Correction for off-axis projection as well as setup multiple projection areas from a single projector or multiple projectors. Projection Zones is generally an advanced menu and we would not recommend that beginners or intermediate-level users make adjustments to Projection Zones without learning more about lasers first.

DMX Settings

The DMX Settings menu allows you to setup DMX-512 for input or output. Use this if you want to control QuickShow using an external DMX lighting console, or if you want to control external lighting devices or fog machines using DMX-512.

User interface Access Mode

The User-interface Access Mode allows you to control which menus, buttons, and other features will be available if the program is placed in User mode.

Other menus

There are also other, more advanced menu items which are not currently described in this help file. Advanced users who are familiar with laser software will certainly recognize these menus and how they work. If you need additional information or help using these menus, please contact Pangolin.

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