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Cue properties

The Properties of each cue can be accessed by right-clicking on the cue and choosing Cue Properties. The first page of the Cue Properties window is shown and described in the picture below.

General tab

The General tab of the Cue Properties window controls the visual representation in the Cue Grid. The Cue Name is the name that shows up in the Cue Grid. The Preview Time is the time within the animation that will be used to extract a single frame for the purpose of previewing in the Cue Grid.

Destination tab

The Destination tab controls the destination of the cue (i.e. where the cue will be routed once it is triggered). Most users will have only a single FB3 and a single projection area, and therefore most users can simply leave this set for the default selection (Zone 1: Scanner 1 Main).

Note that the Destination tab will not be visible unless you have already setup projection zones or if you have more than one FB3. Otherwise this section is hidden to prevent confusing beginner-level users.

Image tab

In Image tab of the Cue Properties window, you will find image-related properties. The Image tab of the Cue Properties window is shown in the picture below.

Animation type

If the cue contains an animation (i.e. a frame file with more than one frame), there are three ways in which QuickShow can animate that frame file.

  1. Refresh-based animation (provides the smoothest animation for long frame files, but is often too fast for simple animations with only a few frames)
  2. Time-based animation (the most common type of animation – used with most cues)
  3. Beat-based animation (allows you to control the animation based on the Beat system. This is very handy for visuals that go to the beat of the music.)

Scan rate and optimization settings

The lower portion of the Cue Properties window allows you to control the scan rate of the cue, as well as accessing more advanced optimization settings. Most users can simply leave this set to 100% of the base scan rate as shown above.

Preventing cues from being rerouted

It is possible to use the Laser Preview window as a means of directing cues to projection zones other than those already specified by the cue itself. However, individual cues may prevent rerouting by checking a box on the Destination tab.

When rerouting is prevented in this way, the cue will have a special icon indicating that it can't be rerouted by the preview window.

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