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The QuickTimeline tool allows you to quickly create simple laser shows. A few noteworthy features of the QuickTimeline tool are shown and described in the picture below.

Drag and drop cues onto the timeline

To create a show, simply drag and drop cues from the Cue Grid onto the timeline. Four tracks are initially visible, but you can add as many as you want by using the Menu button in the upper left corner.

Play and stop the show, or drag the time slider

QuickTimeline features Play and Stop buttons so that you can watch the show as you are creating it. You can also drag the time slider by clicking and dragging the mouse in the timeline area.

Displaying the show momentarily

To display the show that you have created, simply click on the Show it now button. If the Play button is not active, you could scroll around on the timeline and output only the imagery found at that particular time slider position. If the Play button is active, the show will play to the laser.

Saving the show to a cue

You can save the QuickTimeline show to a cue for more permanent storage or for use later. Simply drag and drop the preview window (or the QuickTimeline tab itself) to a cue. You can also save the show as a file on disk, by clicking on the Menu button, and then selecting Save Show.

Loading an audio file for use with the show

On the Menu, you can load an audio which will appear as the top timeline. Currently QuickShow supports only WAV and MP3 audio formats.

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